Our Services

Our services are tailored to inform and enable the client by monitoring all the complex aspects of the project from development and planning through design and construction to close-out and post-completion to ensure the project meets the client’s desired intent.

Our Qualifications


“Tony's performance was outstanding. Throughout the project Tony was always on top of any issue that came up during construction. Tony was thorough, professional and cooperative. Tony was instrumental in assisting the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians complete their Phase II project.”
- Jim Briscoe

“Tony's professionalism, experience and outstanding work ethics' are apparent in the work he does; he is dedicated to the projects he’s assigned to and creates value and worth to the areas he's involved in. It has been a pleasure working with Tony in the past and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”
-Randy Howe

“You were ever responsive to the needs of the client and considerate of local expertise to ensure the project met the customers’ needs and expectations. Additionally, we appreciate the consideration given local sub-contractors; allowing region specific experience to guide facets of the project, while infusing vital dollars into the local economy. We witnessed first-hand the selection of local contractors for their lower mobilization rates, faster response times, and regional expertise – lowering the costs passed on to the client”
-Chris Lloyd

“Cassey was always professional, articulate and willing to assist the owner, without forgetting the responsibility to the General Contractor in which she represented. She would find the balance between working the sub-contractors and the owner’s interest. Cassey is an individual with very strong work ethic, and morals. She tends to follow policies and processes to the tee. She is well organized in thought and practice, and very methodical in her approach to problem resolution. Cassey is very articulate, and represents an organization very well; I have observed her work in two different diverse Native American organizations.”
-Jim Wanamaker

“Tony’s range and depth of knowledge over all facets of construction projects is very impressive. He also has an above average understanding of the operating needs of various casino departments, e.g., Slots, Table Games, Cage, Surveillance, etc., which is valuable during the planning and building phases to achieve maximum efficiencies. During meetings Tony is often asking questions that are two or three levels deep. He seems to always be thinking a step or two ahead of the “average” construction manager.”
-Kurt Schmidt